Career Successes

Led the financial turnaround for the City of Petersburg, VA, including financially stabilizing the City, receiving a bond rating upgrade and eliminating the City’s accumulated +$7M deficit–during an 8-month period of time (2017)

Led the successful effort to make Washington, DC one of Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities (2016)

Created the Procurement Accountability Review Board for the District of Columbia (2015)

Developed the District of Columbia’s first Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) Opportunity Guide for small businesses–connecting small businesses with opportunities in local government spending (2015)

Established the City of Alexandria’s first 5-Year Financial Plan, including movement towards a Stormwater Utility and a revised Debt Affordability guideline (2014)

Transformed the City of Alexandria’s budgeting process away from incremental budgeting and into performance/priority based budgeting; this included a procedural revamp that positioned the City Council to make more strategic adjustments to the City Manager’s proposed budget (2013)

Developed Park City, Utah Municipal Corporation’s Strategic Plan (2012)

Updated the City of Greensboro’s Economic Development strategy to better connect local, small and disadvantaged businesses into the City’s procurement opportunities (2011)

Created the City of Greensboro’s performance management system: MAP [Management, Accountability and Performance] (2010)

Assisted with transitioning the City of Baltimore from traditional budgeting to outcome-based budgeting (2009)

Led a team of City of Baltimore Leadership and external Consultants to identify Innovative Financing and Procurement opportunities to address the $2B+ in school and parks/recreation facility needs

Developed the City of Baltimore’s Debt Affordability Guidelines and Updated the Fund Balance Policy (2008)

Instrumental in the City of Baltimore receiving an upgrade to its General Obligation Bond rating (2007)

Guest lecturer on the bond rating process and the contribution that data and performance measures contribute to a municipality’s credit rating, University of Baltimore performance measurement class (2006 and 2007)

Analytical lead for Local Government-issued debt in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware for Fitch Ratings (2004-2006)