Consulting Projects

*BIRCHbark, in partnership with the Robert Bobb Group, was contracted with the District of Columbia Department of General Services to perform financial management consulting services.

*BIRCHbark developed a business process training curriculum for the County of Albemarle, VA.





*BIRCHbark was awarded a contract to perform a Fire Station Location and Feasibility Study for the County of Botetourt, VA.

*BIRCHbark, in partnership with TechDynamism, was awarded a contract to perform a Technology Master Plan for the Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority.

*BIRCHbark was a Guest Speaker at the OpenGov business users’ group of South Florida presenting “On the Brink to Balanced: Leading a City’s Financial Turnaround”

*BIRCHbark has been awarded a VASCUPP Contract with the University of Virginia for Strategic Support Services. This contract has a term through 3/31/2028.





*BIRCHbark was a Guest Lecturer at University of Pennsylvania’s Executive Master of Public Administration program on Performance Measurers, Rating Agencies, and Fiscally Distressed Cities.




*BIRCHbark provided advice and guidance on strategic budgeting and communication for the Building Goodness Foundation.





*BIRCHbark was an advisor to the Virginia Bar Association Session led by Former Governor Jerry Baliles: “Virginia’s San Andreas Fault: Tremors Within Local Governments — The Legal Challenges and Consequences.” Work performed include researching best practices on economic development across multiple states, reviewing the script for the panel, and developing policy considerations on the future of Virginia localities. 




*BIRCHbark was a Senior Advisor to the Tom Tom Founders Festival // Hometown Summit for its 2018 festival in Charlottesville, VA. Work performed included developing session content and topics and assembling national panelists to speak.




*BIRCHbark, in partnership with TechDynamism, was awarded a contract to perform a Technology Use Assessment for the County of Albemarle, VA.  Upon completion of this work, an extension was awarded to continue with the implementation of various business process optimization work as recommended from the initial assessment.


*BIRCHbark was awarded a contract to perform a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Planning and CIP Projects Financial Management Assessment/Recommendation for the County of Albemarle, VA.




*BIRCHbark was a subcontractor to the Robert Bobb Group to provide interim emergency management services. As part of this subcontract, BIRCHbark (led by its Founder/President) fulfilled the role as Interim Deputy City Manager/Finance Director for the City of Petersburg, VA and led the financial turnaround for eight months. The work concluded with the elimination of the City’s unpaid obligations, $7M deficit, improved bond rating outlook, and a balanced budget.

Key Deliverables:

1. Five-Year Financial Action Plan for City of Petersburg, VA

Petersburg Five-Year Financial Plan_final copy

2. Press Conference for Credit Rating Improvement for City of Petersburg, VA

Petersburg credit outlook increased

We are live at Petersburg City Hall, covering an announcement of some good news for the city. The story is here:

Posted by WTVR CBS 6 News on Friday, August 4, 2017


*BIRCHbark has an ongoing relationship as a Senior Fellow with the George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership. As part of the Global Leadership Program, Birch led a team of bank executives for ICBC, the world’s largest bank, to prepare three capstone projects on anti-money laundering, consumer protections, and FinTech.





*BIRCHbark provided consulting assistance to the Federal City Council to develop a grant proposal that sought funding to assist with building out a platform that would ease financially and economically distressed governments when seeking best practice solutions.





*BIRCHbark assisted union officials to analyze a local government’s ability to pay for requested salary adjustments.