“Nelsie Birch is an outstanding teacher, mentor, and project coach.  She brings a comprehensive set of leadership experiences that inform her teaching and coaching work.  She is especially gifted in working with experienced middle managers and other mid-career professionals who require faculty who are experienced subject matter experts and also savvy in knowing how to get things done in the “real world”. She receives excellent faculty ratings for her work in the classroom and as a coach. As a change leader and former executive she knows first hand what it really takes to make a positive impact and sustain innovation.  We are excited about using her in our upcoming leadership development programs and expanding her contributions to the work of our Center.”
Jim Robinson, Director
George Washington University
Center for Excellence in Public Leadership
Washington, DC
“Nelsie is an insightful strategist who helps her clients see around the corners to anticipate unforeseen issues and identify hidden opportunities. She asks the perfect questions, develops the right frameworks, and helps shine a spotlight on the most critical areas of inquiry. Her intuitions are all-the-more valuable because they are grounded in her deep experiences in management, performance, operations, budget and leadership.”
Kevin Clinton, Chief Operating Officer
Federal City Council
Washington, DC
“I brought Nelsie from BIRCHbark Strategic Consulting in to assist with the turnaround effort for the City of Petersburg and quickly realized the value that she brought to the effort. Initially she was to focus on the budget; however, she quickly tackled all functions of finance head-on because of her ability to see problems before others and then work to combat the issues in front of her. Nelsie strives for excellence in everything she does and through her hard work and diligence was able to stabilize the financial situation in Petersburg with limited resources and inadequate records and data. She has both strategic vision and the capability to operationalize this vision into immediate results.  Nelsie is a proven leader and has an incredible ability to present information in an easy to understand format to elected officials, Wall Street, government employees, and residents.”
Robert Bobb
The Robert Bobb Group
Washington, DC
“I am a correspondent for WCVE Public Radio in Richmond, Virginia. In the capacity, I have covered the City of Petersburg for the past four years. During that time, I interviewed Nelsie on stories surrounding the challenging financial situation in a city with a history of unbalanced budgets, unpaid bills, and shaky record keeping. Much of the news was bad at first but Nelsie answered questions directly and honestly and as things began to turn around our interviews had a more positive tone. It impressed me that she was as available and forthcoming to interview in both circumstances.”
John Ogle, Correspondent
WCVE Public Radio
Richmond, VA